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Community Action

Community Action

The WIRC-Community Action Agency utilizes a Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) to provide for unmet needs in the region. Income eligible persons receive aid from various program based-services sponsored by this funding source. From emergency services to housing needs to educational opportunities, the WIRC-CAA provides diverse and abundant opportunities to help individuals and families help themselves.

Community Action Agency

Emergency Services

Clothing Center

The WIRC-CAA Clothing Center is located at 223 South Randolph Street in Macomb. This McDonough County based operation receives and distributes, at no charge, new and used clothing. Hours of operation are Monday through Wednesday, 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, or call (309) 837-2997 for information.

Food Pantry

The WIRC-CAA Food Pantry is located at 223 South Randolph Street in Macomb. The pantry is stocked with federal food commodities, ground venison from Hunters Helping the Hungry, and community donations. Pantry hours are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 8:00 to 4:00 PM.

Non-Food Pantry

The WIRC-CAA Non-Food Pantry is located at 223 South Randolph Street in Macomb. The non-food pantry primarily serves those who are in an emergency situation providing personal care items, diapers, etc. Access is limited to two times per year. Call (309) 837-2997 to inquire about specific access to this service. A non-food Pantry Form is required.

Homeless Prevention Assistance

Homeless Prevention Assistance provides rent assistance for households due to a temporary economic crisis beyond household control. The household must be able to document the ability to meet future rental obligations after assistance has been granted based on current or anticipated income.

Hunters Helping the Hungry

Hunters Helping the Hungry provides venison to the residents in the WIRC-CAA service area. The deer is donated from hunters in the region and processed at area lockers.The venison is then distributed through the agency’s food pantry at 223 South Randolph in Macomb, as well as other area food pantries.

Project Santa

The Project Santa Program recognizes the struggle some families have in providing a happy holiday for their children.Through a network with schools, social service agencies and health departments, the Agency is able to identify and offer the program to eligible families. Project Santa continues to grow with an expanded sponsorship program and community participation.

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