Helping Communities Meet Their Potential

Community Development

Acting on behalf of a local government, the WIRC can ensure that funding opportunities for local improvements are made known to local representatives. The WIRC staff can help a community and its local government to formulate a comprehensive plan unique to its own specific community development needs. These services, plus the assistance in the implementation of projects once funded, puts the WIRC Community Development staff in a full service capacity to communities.

Community Development

Grant Writing & Administration

The Community Development staff can assist local governments in carrying out public improvement projects utilizing State and Federal programs. Through discussions with local representatives, funding sources can be researched, applications prepared, and grant funds administered.

Communities have the option to apply for public facilities planning, design and construction grants under the Community Development Assistance Program. Planning grants may be used by local governments to complete studies to determine the best methods to solve public facilities problems. Design engineering grants are available to complete final design engineering of large-scale projects for new or expanding water or sewer systems. Construction grants may be used for the rehabilitation or reconstruction of existing public water, sanitary or storm sewer systems or the construction of new systems in those communities where public water or sewer are not available.

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